Thursday, 14 September 2017 Review Review is a website which makes it easy for us to exchange money between payment tools: Payza, PayPal, PerfectMoney, Solidtrustpay, Okpay,
Advcash, Bankwire etc, but still no cryptocurrencies exchange.

Changex (company - ZaRRio Holding Inc, registered in Belize) provides exclusive e-currency top-up and withdrawal services from small to large amounts. We have launched our business in 2015, and we are always looking for new ways to help our customers exchange their money from the e-wallets

The Advantages using Changex are trusted and reasonable fees.
It is not necessary to register in Changex. However, after registration and verification of the account you will have access to the following features:
‣ you will be able to control your order status in your personal account;
‣ you will be able to check the transactions history;
‣ your exchange limit will be higher.

Unverified Account
Unverified accounts are allowed exchange an amount of up to USD/EUR 1,500. If you want exchange more than USD/EUR 1,500, you will need to verify your Changex account. Please note: You can create an order for an amount higher than USD/EUR 1,500, however the order will be completed after your account is fully verified!!!

Process Order
PayPal – from a few minutes to maximum 48 hours. The time frame is longer on weekends. BankWire - your Changex account must be verified! BankWire delay 3-5 days. All other payment processor orders are completed within 24 hours (if we have sufficient reserves), or even instantly (if payment is Automatic).
Exchange system is very easy and very fast. view my test transaction below:

1st.  Sign in or Sign Up to Changex
2nd.  Selecet exchange from and to (example Payza to PayPal),
         Fill the amount of money you want to exchange and your email both
         sender and receiver.

And then your Exchange Summary will appear on your screen.

4th. Confirm your payment

5th. View your status payment

6th Payment Received
      Payment completed

Conclusion: is trusted exchange e currencies payment tools, and to date
we never found a user's complaint. If you wanna know more detail, please go
directly to the site

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